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Customer Experience in the Digital Age

15 Nov 2022 2 min read

Digital transformation is sweeping across every industry, especially the telecommunications sector.

Everything is digital – shareholders demand it, and customers expect it.

Big tech companies, such as Apple and Spotify, have set current customer experience (CX) standards. And competition is fiercer than ever thanks to Over-The-Top (OTT) service providers and digital native telcos. Consumers now expect a premium and simple level of CX in every interaction they have.

The industry is brimming with untapped potential. With the dynamic nature of customer expectations, service providers (SPs) now have the potential to understand their clients better than ever before. And with that, offer unforgettable experiences.

However, historically speaking, telcos have been terrible at offering good customer experiences. They are accustomed to vying for customers based on pricing and coverage. But times have changed. The world has moved on and is now driven by CX. Telcos need to adapt, and fast, to be able to benefit from the advantages offered by digital experiences. Such as higher ARPU, customer loyalty and user retention.

It’s not as simple as targeting customers with the lowest price or fastest delivery anymore. Prioritising CX is now the best solution.

According to a study conducted by Coleman Parkes for Amdocs, almost 60% of consumers would raise their spending average to engage in highly personalised and seamless experiences, while 40% will transfer providers for a customer experience that adapts to their ever-changing demands.

We will dive deeper into the digital customer in this eBook: who they are, their spending habits and their expectations from brands. And we’ll also provide actionable advice for service providers on how to address the digital customer.

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